Benbow, Garberville, Redway, Phillipsville, Miranda
Myers Flat, Weott, Redcrest, Pepperwood

The arts along the famed Avenue of the Giants (Old Hwy 101) are thriving. The majestic towering Redwoods and winding Eel River make for stunning views, perfect for creative inspiration. The small rural communities in the heart of the redwoods have gone from being booming mill towns to havens for artists, musicians and craftsmen. From music concerts to chainsaw art, hemp clothing, jewelry making, wine-making, specialty foods and the many fine arts, these burgs in Southern Humboldt have garnered national attention for the talent they contain.

Benbow, Garberville and Redway, just outside the southern entrance to the Avenue of the Giants, are famous for several major yearly musical and theatrical events. The Riverwood Inn, a historic roadhouse in Phillipsville brings live entertainment to the area in its bustling tavern.

Redway is home to the Mateel Community Center, internationally known for festivals and events. The Mateel operates as both an event venue and in-house arts presenter. Internationally known for festivals such as Reggae on the River, the Summer Arts & Music Festival and the Humboldt Hills Hoedown, the Mateel Community Center also offers an annual calendar of events which covers a wide range of artistic styles and media.

The area is home to retail shops, restaurants, roadside vendors and rural galleries all along the Avenue of the Giants
selling a variety of local arts and crafts. At many of the roadside stops along this route you will find unique carvings hewn from some of the glorious redwood trees that help give this region its name.

Miranda, near the southern entrance to the Avenue of the Giants, has places to admire and purchase one-of-a-kind Redwood treasures and local artwork. The peaceful village of Myers Flat has Riverbend Cellars, a winery with a wine tasting room, nestled in the redwood forest, serving as a centerpiece of the Avenue of the Giants. The whole Avenue journey, through Weott and Redcrest north to Pepperwood, is a visual treat for the traveler—both given in the form of natural beauty, and made by the hands of many gifted artists.