Woodley Isaland Marina by Bob and Donna Sellers

Eureka is at the heart of our beautiful artists’ community on the North Coast. With Humboldt County boasting more artists per capita than anywhere in California, the region is home to writers, visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers and filmmakers. Many have garnered national and international acclaim for their talent and work. Artists find the North Coast naturally supports their creative pursuits by providing a backdrop of untouched landscapes, a colorful, enthusiastic population and the slow pace of life that only a rural environment can offer.

Named one of the top small art towns in John Villani’s book The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America, Eureka is an exciting place for any art lover. With the amazing support the town offers to local artists, there is an abundance of art—be it outdoors in the form of murals, or the array of abstract sculptures in the Old Town and Downtown areas. The many beautifully restored Victorian-style buildings with their ornate decorations and historic styling adds to the beauty. There are also many galleries displaying pieces from local painters, potters, sculptors and photographers.

For those who love to not only see art, but to have a chance to meet artists, and share and discuss art with other people who share the same passion, Eureka offers “First Saturday Night Arts Alive!” in Downtown and Old Town. This is an art walk put on in cooperation with downtown businesses. Most businesses keep later hours for this event, and the result is a lively mix of artists, art lovers and fun for the whole family.

Eureka is a place you can enjoy wine tasting, ballet, the symphony, music, galleries and much more. The surrounding natural beauty makes it such a wondrous place to visit as well as a tremendous source of inspiration for any artist. This historic city is a reflection of its wonderful natural surroundings and vibrant, unique population. The arts are flourishing “behind the redwood curtain” in Humboldt County, and Eureka is a sparkling reason why.